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V2RayGO Privacy Policy

V2Ray Team, LibV2Ray Team and V2RayGO Team respect your privacy. V2RayGO do not include any tracking library or service from third party purposefully, but could use third party service to improve your experience. V2RayGO might or might not collect your device identification info, hardware and software info, cash info, and network info, but we will request your consent before upload them to our sever. User can refuse to upload any of these information to our server and continue to use the a limited set of function of our software, once you have consent our upload we will keep uploading indefinitely.

V2RayGO could also collect and upload following info after you opt-in our User participate Program. - Software configure - Detailed log - Detailed Network Info - Feedback you submitted - Debug Info - Image captured by your camera - GPS Data - Mobile and Baseband data - System log - System configure - File in your storage - Data from your other app - Bluetooth data - NFC data - Your behavior All your data uploaded will be encrypted with modern cryptology before being uploaded.

We might publish non-identificational data from our user and share them with third party. For identificational data, we would never share them to third party without further consent as long as law permit.

We might update this Privacy Policy without your further consent.