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$Speech at School, Full transcript.

#Dream, the Vector# What does vector mean? Vector stands for the combination of a direction and an offset. A dream will provide both of them, for, so long as you hold a dream, you know where to go and you have get the willpower you will need to achieve it.

Where there is a dream, there is a way. We know one thing deeply in our mind, a movement will not take place unless it has a target. An effort without a purpose will not result in success;A person with his dream lost will do the work worthlessly. With a dream, we know the shortest route to it, the best way to reach our target.

In the way we pursuing our dream, the best way to overcome darkness is in company with our dream. Darkness, the thing that shocked, scared, disarmed many people, is not going to make dream-seekers compromise. The dream, enlightening the road, makes each dream-seeker dare to face the darkness, and fight bravely.

The giant dream has no boundary. You may think what you are doing now has no connection with your dream. However, the things we are doing now are actually the base of our dream. The things we learn will become a part of your weapon to fight darkness, or anything trying to stop you from reaching your dream. How powerful is the dream? Because of the dream of Martin Luther King, U.S. made a further step toward “all men are created equal”, because of dream of Gregor Mendel, science of genetics was come into being, because of the dream of Albert Einstein, Mass–energy equivalence is now a part of our knowledge.

As the owner of the dream, we should follow our eager, pursuit our dream, for, dream is not immoral, it is a part of us, unless we take our efforts, it will go without trace. We should take action now, take our action heard. Once journey to dream has begun, the further you go, the shorter is the distance between you and your dream.

We are the follower of the dream. We are the future.

So, what’s my dream. My dream is let technology change the world. Today, the things classify is people is not what you have, it is what you know.

Except me!